A Surprising Re-Ranking of Business Schools

Posted by The Editors on March 20, 2012
A Surprising Re-Ranking of Business Schools

When a college applicant is searching for an undergraduate business program, most prospective applicants look at various criteria: campus location, the prestige of the school, and the cultural fit during a campus visit. And of course, the business school’s public rankings.

BusinessWeek, US News & World Report and other news outlets rank undergraduate programs on various criteria, but most of the data is from surveys: surveys that the business schools fill out about the reputation, salary data, and self-reported graduation rates.

One big item is missing: a true ranking of how much students learn. It’s just assumed that at higher ranked schools one will “learn more,” without any real data to back it up.

A new exam, the Certified Business Laureate Program, offers a comprehensive business skills exam and recruiting platform for undergraduates seeking to show their future employers their business knowledge. The exam is designed to help entry-level job candidates gain an important credential when applying for their first job and gives employers a free data point in their recruiting process.

In the coming months the CBL will be ranking schools according to their graduate’s knowledge. Check out the below preview rankings based on the CBL’s initial pilot study and US News ranking. As you can see, from CBL’s limited sample, the rankings are quite different. How do you think your school stacks up? Do you think you are getting “dinged” for opportunities solely because of your school’s reputation?

Check back in the coming months for the CBL’s full rankings based on the official exam

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