An Elf's Cover Letter

Posted by The Editors on December 23, 2011
An Elf's Cover Letter
Heidi Claus, HR Manager
S.C. Enterprises
1 Candy Cane Lane
North Pole, AK 99999

To Ms. Claus and the staff of S.C. Enterprises:

I’m writing to express my deep and sincere interest in the Workshop Supervisor position I saw advertised on Elfnet. I’m an experienced problem-solver with a track record of improving efficiency and ensuring customer satisfaction, and I believe my skills would be an asset to S.C. Enterprises’ operations not only during the Christmas season, but year-round as well.

From my five years in shipping management and logistics with UPS, I’m comfortable with long hours and high-pressure working environments. I’m adept at working on the fly and using my mechanical and technical knowledge to improvise effective solutions, which I know will be applicable in assuring quality for all the products the Workshop produces. I’m willing to dive in headfirst and able to access tight, confined spaces for the betterment of the Workshop’s operations.

I realize that this position entails coordinating an international workforce and mobilizing for overnight delivery. I have built and maintained relationships with distribution partners on all seven continents, and I know that I can leverage these relationships to improve global access for S.C’s users. I’ve developed a high level of accuracy in my work, and you can rest assured that under my watch, our goods will end in the hands of our “nice” stakeholders and not “naughty” competitors.

I’ve enclosed a copy of my resume as requested. I plan to follow up by phone in the next week, and I’d be happy to provide additional information or references as needed. I understand that the hiring for the position is time-sensitive, and I’m committed to relocating to the North Pole at a moment’s notice. Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you more regarding this position.


Petey Gumdrops

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