Boy Meets World - the "Real World"

Posted by The Editors on September 19, 2011
Boy Meets World - the "Real World"

Just like the subject of this clip from Boy Meets World, Eric Mathews, I sat on my couch after graduation for hours at a time, pondering my future. I had my fair share of pipe dreams: secret agent, fighter pilot, Sea World trainer, Diane Sawyer… And even though I wasn’t lounging around in my robe with a bowl of Cocoa Puffs (I prefer Captain Crunch.), I can relate to this scenario completely. My mom’s words to me might even have been verbatim those of the wise Mrs. Mathews.

In order to avoid falling into the same trap as Eric (and driving your parents up the wall), take the following steps to boost productivity while looking for a job:

Get dressed every morning
Get out of that robe. Seriously, don’t hang around the house in your PJs all day. Doing so is only going to make you feel lazy and want to jump back in bed. Now that you hopefully have an accessible or free washer/dryer at your disposal, put on some clean clothes. It will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Eat a healthy breakfast
This is the most important meal of the day so start it off right. I know my Captain Crunch breakfast isn’t considered the breakfast of champions—I have since switched to breakfast bars—but if you’re insistent on reverting back to your favorite kids cereal, at least throw in a banana or add some type of fruit to your morning meal. (Fruit Loops don’t count.)

Unless you’re a city slicker and are able to walk everywhere, it’s a bit harder to find the motivation to exercise, but that doesn’t mean you should be nixing it altogether. Look into a gym membership or head over to the local park for a jog or pickup game. If you start scheduling a workout into your weekly schedule, not only will your body be happier but your mind will be a lot clearer too.

Spend at least an hour on your job search every day
Whether working on your resume, networking, talking with a career counselor, or perusing employers’ career pages, you have to stay engaged in the job search process. I’m not suggesting that you work on it 24/7—just do something every day that gets you closer to obtaining a good entry-level job.

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