Bringing Dogs to the Office

Posted by The Editors on October 4, 2011
Bringing Dogs to the Office

Once in a while, a coworker brings her dog to the office. It’s one of the surprises I love most—even more so than walking into the common area to find a spread of bagels, muffins, and coffee.

But dogs serve a greater purpose than just being cute: they lower stress and blood pressure and release endorphins. Who doesn’t appreciate that? There’s also a productivity argument. As this Urban Outfitters buyer explains, bringing his dog to work allows him to stay late when necessary without worrying about getting home in time to let the dog out.

Dogs bring more to the office than productivity and the warm-and-fuzzies, however, according to this New York Times article. People have pet allergies. People fear dogs. People fear the unwelcome presents dogs might leave under their desks. Some people just find it downright unprofessional.

So before you pitch a new dog policy to management with enough time for them to factor dog treats into next year’s budget—keep these seven pointers from the official Take Your Dog to Work Day site in mind: 

  1. Make sure Betty in accounting isn’t allergic to your breed.
  2. Puppy-proof your office.
  3. Make your pup look and smell good.
  4. Pack a doggie bag.
  5. Plan feedings and subsequent bathroom breaks.
  6. Don’t force friendships: The dog-lovers will introduce themselves.
  7. Have an exit plan ready in case Sparky doesn’t enjoy himself.

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