Get a Job Through Social Media

Posted by The Editors on January 18, 2012
Get a Job Through Social Media

According to this infographic, based on research by Jobvite, an astonishing 36 million Americans say they got their job through social media—namely, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And check out the surprising breakdown: Facebook helped land more jobs (18.4 million) than LinkedIn (10.2 million). Twitter lagged behind a bit, but still scored employment for 8 million users.

Perhaps this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Nine out of 10 Americans sport a social media presence, and 54 percent use it as a job-search tool.

For the 46 percent of you with a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account who aren’t job hunting with your web presence, here’s a tip for each site to help get you hired, courtesy of

1. Facebook: Post Notes
Post notes that outline your education/work situation and job interests. Notes stay in friends’ news feeds longer than status updates do, plus you’ll have more space to explain yourself.

2. Twitter: Follow Companies and Job Feeds
Follow companies you might like to work for, as well as a few people that work for them. After you follow them, reach out, explain your situation and pertinent skills or experience, provide a link to your LinkedIn profile, and ask about available job openings.

3. LinkedIn: One Picture Only
Use a (professional, beer-free) photo that’s consistent with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is just one way you’ll be easily remembered.

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