Handling Rejection After the Job Interview

Posted by The Editors on December 15, 2011
Handling Rejection After the Job Interview

Being a job seeker is tough, but being a fresh-out-of-college job seeker is even tougher. Why? Job rejection. It stings, especially the first time around. Remember the time you first got rejected by your high school crush in economics class? Yeah, the memory still stings.

Being fresh out of college isn’t like anything you’ve ever experienced. All throughout high school you’ve had a path to follow—a little bumpy for sure—but a path nonetheless that you knew you had to stay on in order to get into college. You took the SATs, showed up to your classes (most of the time), and received great college recommendations from your teachers. So what’s the difference between applying to college and applying to jobs?

A) Colleges send rejection letters, employers will leave you hanging.
B) There’s no handholding and no set path to follow.

So you didn’t get the job and you’re feeling a little down right now. How do you handle it? Not by holding a grudge and avoiding eye contact with your crush for the rest of the semester. (Sorry, tangent.)

Go this route instead:

Try Asking for Feedback
Sometimes asking for feedback works. After all, what have you got to lose? Every so often we come across employers who are happy to give constructive criticism. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Don’t Take it Personally
Sometimes things don’t work out and it has nothing to do with you. Maybe the company went through a hiring freeze or they had to reassess the yearly budget. It’s easy to blame yourself and your shortcomings, but wallowing in self-pity won’t help in your job search.

Have Your Resume Assessed
Being a new job seeker, no one expects you to nail your resume on the first draft. Don’t forget you have resources available to you like family members and friends who are already out in the job world. Ask your parents to gift you with a career coach as a graduation present. Don’t forget about your college career center either! They are always happy to help.

Stay Positive
Go ahead and binge on that pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream you’ve been saving. You’ve just had your first dose of job rejection, and there’s no better way to chase it down than with some sweet and tasty happiness. But don’t get too comfortable. It’s imperative to stay positive during the job hunt, keep searching, and continue networking. If you put in the time, you’ll get the results.

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