Have You Noticed? We've Made Some Changes!

Posted by The Editors on September 27, 2011
Have You Noticed? We've Made Some Changes!

It’s been a while since my last update on WetFeet.com development, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy making improvements and planning future ones. As you may have noticed, we've made the following tweaks in the past few weeks: .

  • The first thing returning visitors might notice is that we have a new homepage design. It’s my job to make it as easy as possible to find the content you need at any stage of your career path. This new design introduces you to more great career advice within seconds of coming to the homepage, while allowing us to highlight new content as it comes. As always, if you can find the answer to a specific career question, please don't hesitate to let us know. Our database of articles is already big, but will continue to grow.
  • The folks over at Evisors have a pretty cool thing going on. They feature career experts specializing in all kinds of different industries and careers. Participating experts go through an application process and set individual rates for consulting sessions via phone or email. We recommend starting your research on WetFeet.com, so that can make the most of the opportunity to get more personalized advice.
  • As I mentioned before, we’re planning a new Career and Industry Profile section. We’ve received some great feedback from users about what you’d like to see in that section, and we’ve already made some changes. Our new partnership with Glassdoor.com allows us to post industry- and position-specific salary advice to make your career research more complete. As more Glassdoor insiders post their salaries, the info on the WetFeet profiles will change.
  • One of my favorite parts of our new WetFeet.com is the WetFeet Blog. Here, you’ll find all kinds of career advice and lessons from the people digging into this stuff all day everyday: the WetFeet staff. Now, on our About the Bloggers page, you can learn more about the people behind the posts. We’ve also added a way to view all posts by a particular writer without having to use the Search. Just click the author’s name for a full listing of posts.
  • Here at WetFeet, we’re always trying to think of new ways to make high-quality career advice affordable. Our University Site users already get Insider Guides for free, so this isn’t quite as relevant for you, but for all other users: We’ve decreased the price of our career guides, made it cheaper to choose the greener PDF option, and introduced more promotions. If you want to receive discounts moving forward, subscribe to our WetFeet newsletter and keep checking back for deals that pop out from the right sign of your browser.

Our goal is to make finding the career advice you need a quick and painless process, so please don't hesitate to keep the ideas, comments, and questions coming. In the meantime, happy job seeking!

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