Office Comfort: Adjusting Your Workplace Space

Posted by The Editors on October 28, 2011
Office Comfort: Adjusting Your Workplace Space

How does where you live affect your career? Can changes to your living space make you more productive at work? I wondered about that this week when I came across a story about an unorthodox living situation: college students in Maryland will be housed on a cruise ship. “Their rooms will be a little bit smaller, but they’ll have full use of all the amenities on the ship, the ball room, the state room, the shuffleboard,” says the college’s president. I’m not sure if that’s tongue-in-cheek, but it’s still quite a change in scenery. I’ll be curious to see how these students perform; some sun and some shuffleboard might do them good. 

With that in mind, could making a change at home have a positive effect on your everyday work life? A new piece of furniture in my apartment prompted me to improve my organization at home, which has led to making a few alterations at work: mostly reducing a few piles of papers and applying some Endust, but a computer monitor move is on the way.

I’ll keep you posted on my surge in productivity, but first, here are a few ways on how to make your home life more career-friendly:

Your roommates. If you’re living with others, try to synchronize your schedules. That could mean keeping the music or TV down late at night for a roommate who has to get up early, asking someone to do the same if you’re the early riser, or carpooling if you’re on the same schedule.

Your desk. Yes, you should have one at home, and it should mirror your workplace, or at least the most efficient parts of it, especially if you bring work home with you. Even for non-work-related things, though, keep lists, action items, Post-its—whatever you need to stay organized in other facets of your life.

Smartphone with an alarm clock function. Whatever it takes to get you out of bed in the morning.

Regular alarm clock as a backup.  Whatever it takes to get you up in case your battery dies or your phone network crashes.

Have you made any changes at home that affected your work? Any adjustments to your apartment to go along with a career change?

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