Tips to Help Retouch Your Resume

Posted by The Editors on December 2, 2011
Tips to Help Retouch Your Resume

On your resume, image is everything. You’re looking to put the best possible version of yourself on paper. You might be happy with your standard resume, but every time you add a new position, skill, or achievement, it’s worth revisiting the whole thing and making some changes.

Little tweaks to your resume are all you need—not a complete overhaul. Think of a photographer making small changes to a photo. You might have heard about a recent development of computer programs to identify photos that have been drastically retouched. Too much airbrushing and too many other alterations can make images deceiving.

The same technology might not exist for analyzing resumes, but when recruiters dig into every detail and ask you in-depth questions about your past experiences, they can tell when you’re embellishing. You should make just enough changes to really nail the position you want, but avoid getting too fancy or deceptive.

Keep the below dos and don’ts in mind when you revisit your resume. When carefully applied, a few modifications can take you to the next level. 

DO Use More Active Verbs
Focus on the actions you’ve performed and show that you’ve been a leader and planner, not just a follower.

DON’T Use Buzzwords
Cut out trendy words and phrases that don’t really say anything about your work or your accomplishments; “synergy” comes to mind.

DO Use More Numbers
Quantify the impact you’ve had in any position. For example: increased sales 15 percent, or increased the brand’s Twitter followers by 120 percent.

DON’T Use Vague Words or Phrases
Anything that doesn’t deliver on what you’ve done, what you’re best at, and why a company should hire you is superfluous. This list from YouTern is a good place to start.

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