What's Your Objective?

Posted by Michelle Grottenthaler on May 5, 2011
What's Your Objective?
An objective statement, placed directly after the heading of your resume, conveys your immediate career goals and reason for contacting an employer.

Who Should Have One?
If you’re an entry-level job candidate with little job experience, an objective to your resume will help readers understand how your qualifications fit the position you’re targeting. An objective prepares the recruiter to evaluate achievements in terms of your career goals, especially if your first section shows your academic accomplishments.

Crafting Your Statement
Your objective statement should be specific and straightforward, and limited to one or two concise sentences. Don’t bother with a general one-size-fits-all objective statement, such as “I am seeking a challenging position that utilizes and expands my professional skills.” That tells the recruiter nothing and is simply a waste of space. Instead, use the objective to customize your resume directly to the job or company you’re targeting. The objective can be as simple as, “Seeking an associate copywriter position in the advertising industry.” A well-crafted objective functions as a thesis statement, setting the direction in which the resume will follow.

To obtain a summer internship in the sciences that will allow me to put my theoretical education to practical applications.

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