What Was Your First Job?

Posted by The Editors on November 30, 2011
What Was Your First Job?

As we climb the career ladder, we constantly look forward: What promotions can I snag? Must I go back to school? What are my long-term career goals?

But this article made me take a trip down the memory lane of my employment history. We all start somewhere—babysitting, mowing lawns for neighbors, selling muffins at the town bakery­­—and I would argue that those first jobs are just as valuable as our future ones. They teach us hard work, persistence, teamwork, and all those other skills that are invaluable when you eventually do wind up in the boardroom.

Need proof? Consider six billionaires’ first jobs:

1. Warren Buffett: Paper boy
    Little did he know he’d have billions worth of paper in his future.

2. Oprah Winfrey: Grocery clerk
    No wonder she’s so good with people.

3. Michael Bloomberg: Parking lot attendant
    As the mayor of New York, it’s good he had an early surplus of vehicles.

4. Bill Gates: Computer programmer
    An impressive first gig, especially when you consider he held it while in high school.

5. Giorgio Armani: Assistant photographer
    Now his empire is the one in front of the cameras.

6. George Lucas: Teaching assistant
    The man behind Star Wars once taught in a Navy classroom.

What was your first paying gig? What lessons did you learn?

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